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Bridesmaid dresses are important for your wedding

Your bridesmaid’s dresses are almost as important as your wedding dress, so to pick your bridesmaid’s dresses, you should consider the look and style of your wedding dress, as well as the feeling you want for your wedding, that means your bridesmaids dress is a reflection of your taste and your wedding. Therefore, appoint your maid of honor or a highly responsible bridesmaid to be in charge of organizing gown purchases.

There are five choices that you must make when picking your bridesmaids dress. The first choice is length. The two most common are short bridesmaid dresses and long bridesmaid dresses. The next choice is style. Currently, popular styles include sweetheart, v-neck, off shoulder straps and strapless  bridesmaid dresses. Another choice is the design of the dress. The dress can be simple, classic, conservative, or elegant. Furthermore, you need to decide on the look of the dress. You can choose from solid colors, multiple colors, patterns, and more. The last choice you will need to make is the color. Color can be difficult to do, especially since there are so many variations of each color. Each choice is important, but no bridesmaids dress should overpower the importance of the wedding.


It’s been a while since I posted the first bridesmaid blog, but we have received so much feedback that we felt it beneficial to readers to post another article.  Selecting bridesmaid dresses can be one of the most fun parts of the wedding and something which can make a great impact on the day. This is also one of the best memories a bride can make for her and her best friends.

Match With The Wedding Theme

Set a color tone to go with your wedding colors. You may choose every dress in a different color, or you may limit the color choice and keep the dresses in varying shades of a color tone.


Charming Pink Draped Sweetheart Flowing Chiffon Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Sparkly Sequined Bridesmaids Dresses

Romantic Blush Lilac Blue Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

What Styles & Lengths To Choose
Before you decide on the style, brides should clearly know all of your bridesmaids’ body types and skin color, so that you are in a position to help them find a suitable dress.  Like the color options, styles and lengths can change depending on each maid.

Adorable Pink Bubble Inspired Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Nature Inspired Mix n Match Chic Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Simplicity & Budget
It’s very important especially when you have a tight budget and have two or more bridesmaids to carefully watch your budget. So take your time when searching for those all important dresses at affordable prices. It’s always worth bearing in mind that price isn’t everything and simplicity can be the key to stylish elegant dresses.

Simple Gray Bridesmaids Dresses With Ruffled Designs
Amazing Blue Shade Floor Length Simple Bridesmaid Dresses

Some suitable Colors for Spring/Summer Bridesmaid Dresses

On the hunt for spring summer cheap bridesmaid dresses and not sure which color to select? Then we may just be able to help you! We’ve recently put together a list of the hottest colors to be worn for the next spring and summer seasons and there’s some serious beauties in there. We’ve managed to compile our list through the help of trend forecasting specialists Pantone and other online resources to give us this fabulous, lip smacking ten. Here we go:

Blush Pink
Such an elegant shade of pink, blush is a serious contender for bridesmaids the world over. Will look amazing with ivory and tonal shades of pink to compliment the look.

Gray is a hugely popular color for bridesmaids right now, in recent years it had been banished for good, but thankfully the color has reemerged and it looks better than ever. To make sure things don’t look too dull, team the dresses with a pop of canary yellow in the bouquets or choose a bright heel to make the loo more vibrant.

Mint has been a winning choice for maids over the last 3 – 4 years, but it’s been given a new lease of life thanks to that natural zesty lime green we get from the pistachio. To help bring more life into green, pistachio is the perfect choice and really livens and brightens any wedding.

A light cool shade of pink, watermelon isn’t suited to every lady, so be careful when selecting this color option, if you have chosen to use this color in your theme, worry not as you can always use tonally lighter and darker options to compliment the overall look.

Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Many brides love to invite children that’s around 10 years old of age for their wedding, because they are the best image of innocent. If your bridesmaid is a junior, then the wedding would be more lovely and beautiful. The junior bridesmaid usually being around when the bride is wearing along tailed gown. They are the one that holding the end of the gown. It would look really beautiful. So junior bridesmaids dresses for wedding become more popular day by day. When choosing the perfect dresses for junior bridesmaids, the cheap cheap bridesmaid dress tips should be taken into consideration, the color and style should be in sync with the theme colors of the bridal gown and the wedding.

The junior bridesmaid plays a vital role in the wedding ceremony. Usually junior bridesmaid dresses were decided by the bride because the adult always decide what the junior should wear. And typically the bride would select a same dress as hers or try for something dissimilar a little. The right junior bridesmaid dresses should not only reflect the children’s age but also match the wedding theme.