Taking your Way in Promenade

There are only few times of your life that you can wear jaw-dropping and glamorous dress. It usually happens in special occasions like promenade. You will surely want to cherish every single moment of that day. To make that moment worth remembering, right choice of prom dress can give you such kind of momentous event.

It is never impossible for you to look beautiful and class on your prom night. You just need to prepare everything before that moment come. Consider an important part of that is the prom dress that you will wear. So below are some pointers on how you will able to choose the prom dress; it can either be long or short prom dress or no matter what the style is.

  • Start an early search for the prom dress. You may begin looking in the stores or magazines to give you an idea on what prom dress to pick. Plan to purchase your preferred prom dress at least 5 week before the prom.
  • Be sure that you will not pick the style that everyone will have. To look different can be an interesting thing to look forward in the prom. However, your body shape must be considered in picking the style you want. The length of dress will vary depending on the school’s preference. If it is more of formal, long prom dress is best. But if cocktail dress is required, short prom dress is necessary.
  • Plan budgeting for the chosen prom dress. Start saving money as much as possible. Allot extra money for some small accessories such as pantyhose, make-up, hair clips and the like.
  • Watch for some celebrities’ party engagement. You may use internet to achieve that and remember or take note the styles that may be suited for you.
  • By the time you narrow down the choices into one specific style, try that style with a variety of colors. Look for suited shade that can bring the color out of your face. Upon choosing the fabric, bear in mind that matte finishes will diminish and obscure undesirable features while shinier one will tone in showing off the figure flaws.
  • Start shopping for accessories and shoes after you decided the style and color of your prom dress. So that everything in your body will complement with each other. Great blend of such things can give a great impact for you.
  • Be sure that you will not purchase dress too advance before the prom night. You may either gain or lose weight.
  • 2 weeks before the prom, you may try on dressing with shoes, make-up, hairstyle, and jewelry to check how you will look on that day. Also, you can decide what can look best for you.
  • During your prom night, put your dress then cover it up before styling your hair or applying the make-up. This can prevent from product stains and any make-up smudges on your prom dress.

Getting excited? Well, hold that excitement until the promenade night come in your way. You will always look what you wanted as long as you follow the above pointers.


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