How Do I Get a Mismatch Look for My Bridesmaids?

All my bridesmaids have completely different body types. I want them to all feel beautiful and comfortable. And I don’t mind the mismatched look. But what guidelines should I follow?–Mismatched bridesmaid dresses

The secret to pulling off a mismatched look for your bridesmaids is stick to one designer. This will cut the guess work out since you know the colors and fabrics will be the same for a perfectly coordinated crew.

1. Same color, different necklines

Let your girls choose the silhouette that fits her body best and keep the fabric and color the same — like this beautiful coral in chiffon. These gorgeous dresses will make your maids feel regal and pair perfectly with your formal wedding

2. Same fabric, different colors
_-1_50 _-1_48
For a more casual look (especially on the beach), choose a romantic chiffon fabric and 2-3 shades for your girls to pick from — like coral, guava and rhubarb.

3. Same length, different silhouettes

Curate a collection of dresses in the same length and similar palette (like these gorgeous blush tones) for your girls to choose from. A variety of textures and fabrics will add a modern touch to your beautiful bridal party. Click here


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