5 Rules for Styling Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid style keeps on evolving as time passes by. Wearing the same dress is already a cliché. Today bridesmaid are making different mix and match to have different fabrics, styles, and even color that can make the dress more fun and interesting. This kind of trend highlights the individuality of a woman according to their sense of style. It will be an assurance that the dress they are wearing gives them rewarding feeling. That is what fashion designers called as mismatched bridesmaid dress.

Choosing the right match of bridesmaid dress is certainly the right option to do. If it is not properly done, you may end up in very disjointed looking wedding ceremony. To avoid such incident, given below are some helpful tips in presenting a mismatched bridesmaid dress.

  • Vary only in two features: It is best to choose two maximum things that may be different with each dress. Then just keep the rest similar with each other. Example, different colors and necklines in the same fabric. It can also be different necklines and fabric but has similar color. Changing more of that may give confusion to people who will see it.
  • Keeping similar length of dresses: Having different length of dress can create hard cohesive look. So it is still best to stick in one length for everybody. Long bridesmaid dresses are the common length used by every bridesmaid, you may adopt it also.
  • Do not allow them to do it on their own: There are many brides who give the color of dress to their bridesmaids but allowing them to shop on their own. As a result, the bridesmaid might get different shades of color give to them. Choosing of fabrics might as well become different with each other. If that happen, blend will be compromised giving an awkward effect.
  • Shades of color: Different colors of dresses are very popular in the present days. But it may be difficult to pick the one which may look good when combined. That is because of the limited colors a designer might offer. Small swatches on the card usually look so different if it will be made up for gown. An easiest way in visualizing how the dresses will look altogether is thru checking out its full size samples during daylight. Then you may switch out varied options until you are satisfied with the chosen combo. You may consider pre-selecting the color for every bridesmaid to wear. This can help in preventing allot of inter-wedding conflict.
  • Do not give too many options: This sometimes goes in all kind of bridesmaid dresses not only for mismatched one. If possible make separate appointment without the presence of your bridesmaid. Then decide the choices in advance. Pre-select colors, necklines and dresses that you like. That is the only time to let them choose their preferred one. This can save much confusion in the ordering of appointment.

Last thing to consider in picking your mismatched bridesmaid dress is the comfort and goodness that it can bring upon wearing it. This is probably the very important thing to take into consideration.


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